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 Dr. Mustafa Afyonluoglu has graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and completed his 1st Master Degree from same department (1996), 2nd Master Degree in Cyber Law (2012, İstanbul Bilgi University). His doctoral study is about "Personal Data Protection Anonymization Model and Applicationto the e-Government". He completed “Good Governance Program” from Bogazici University (2015-2016), Anadolu University (Justice and Law,2019-2020). His academic studies continue on Yale University (Social Policies). Afyonluoğlu has worked in several managerial positions in the IT private sector and project manager for more than 70+ national and international projects during last 30 years.

Governance &  Management Experiences

He has worked for the Union of Turkish Notaries (UTN) as the ICT Manager & Senior Consultant of UTN President for 13 years.
He was the project manager for critical National e-government projects such as:
  • Online Vehicle Registration”, Ministry of Interior
  • ''Children’s Follow-Up Center  - Security Project” of Ministry of Health
  • e-Tax on Municipalities” , Ministry of Interior
  • "National Cloud of Municipalities" (Project Coordinator on behalf of Prime Ministry, up to feasibility phase), of Ministry of Interior
and some e-transformation projects such as:
All of those projects are selected as “Turkey’s Big-Scaled Prioritized e-Government Projects” by Prime Ministry.
He has been working as:
  • Expet Group Member for "Digital Economy Strategy for Arab World", Council of Arab Economic Unity, 2018-2019
  • Consultant of Ministry of Customs & Trade for "National Retail System of Turkey" and "Points of Single Contact", on 2017 - 2018
  • External Consultant on Cyber Security & E-Government of State Audit Board, Presidency, on 2016 - 2017
  • EU Capacity Building Key Expert, responsible from preparation of Strategy and Action Plan, Investment Plan, Institutional Legislation for Points of Single Contacts (PSC) and National Assistance Center (NAC),  on Chapter 3: "Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services", EU Services Harmonization Project, on July 2015-December 2016
  • Coordinator of “2015-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan for TurkeyProject. ​​
  • e-Transformation Unit Manager, project manager and e-Transformation Advisor in TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) BİLGEM (Informatics and Information Security Research Center) YTE (Software Technologies Research Institute), on 2011 - 2015
  • President, Vice President and e-Government Expert in Prime Ministry Office e-Government Advisory Group between 2010 and 2015.
  • Instructor for Sabancı University in the field of “Cyber Security” 2019-2020.
  • Instructor for TOBB University and THK University in the field of “e-Transformation, e-Government & Information Society” between 2012 and 2015.
  • Consultant of “Information Society R&D Center”, University of Turkish  Aeronautical Associaition (THK University)
  • Board member of “CIO Managers of Public Agencies”, Turkish Informatics Association (TBD)
  • Steering committee member of “XBRL Turkey”, Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority
  • Chairman of “Government Integrated Data Center Workgroup(TBD)
Afyonluoglu - Managerial Experiences
  • Chairman of “e-Government/e-Governance on Digital Agenda 2020, Turkey” Expert Group (TBD) 
  • Regional Chairman of United Nations e-Government Workshop, 2015
  • European Union Key Expert and responsible for Strategy and Action Plan for Turkey’s Points of Single Contact and National Assistance Center, Investment Plan and Institutional Legislation preparation, WYG International, 2015-2016
  • Head of Turkey e-Government Delegation for United Nations International e-Participation workshop, 2015
  • Head of Turkey e-Government Delegation for OECD International e-Government workshop, 2013
  • Head of Turkey e-Government Delegation for United Nations International e-Government workshop, 2012
Afyonluoglu - Technology Experiences

Technology Experiences

  • Afyonluoğlu was in Microsoft Operating System Country and Regional Development Teams for Seattle under a confidentiality agreement for 9 years.
  • He worked as the general manager of a private international software company for 8 years,
  • IT Manager of an international ICT company for 3 years.
  • He has also worked as the IT consultant of Management Board for the Union of Turkish Notaries for 11 years.
  • He was the high level consultant, core software development team member and project manager for 2 international and national ERP development companies for 3 and 6 years respectively (TABIM Bilişim and VEGA Software)​

Current Fields of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain and Personal Data Protection on Government E-Services
  • Personal Data Protection and Anonymization
  • National and Institutional Strategy and Action Plans
  • Change Management & e-Transformation
  • National Action Plan's Investment Programs
  • Coordination and Project Management of big-scale e-Governance, e-Government and e-Transformation projects with multidisciplinary perspective
  • Institutional and national strategies in the accession of EU
  • Cyber security
  • Good governance
  • Legislation Preparation and Analysis
  • Information security
  • Information technology consultation including national and institutional software development framework
  • Government Integrated Data Center
  • Open Data

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Data Protection
  • Cyber Security
  • E-Governance
  • Digital Economy
  • E-Government
  • Capacity Development
  • Change Management
  • National Strategies & Action Plans
Afyonluoglu - Interests
Afyonluoglu - International

International Coordinations

  • Albania, e-Government
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, e-Government
  • Italy,  e-Government
  • Japan,  e-Government​
  • Kazakhistan, e-Government
  • Kosova,  e-Government
  • Libya, Land Registry Institution, e-Government
  • Malaysia, e-Government
  • Montenegro, Ministry of Information Society and Telecommunication, e-Government
  • Senegal, General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastre, e-Government
  • Singapore, IDA,  e-Government
  • South Korea,  e-Government
  • Tunusian, Ministry of Interior, e-Government
  • Turkmenistan,  e-Government, Digital Economy
  • UN ESCWA,  e-Government
  • Yemen, e-Government


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  2. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, "e-Tax in Municipalities", 2013 March
  3. Prime Ministry - Testimonal by Undersecretary, 2013 Februrary
  4. Turkish Grand National Assembly, "Best e-Government Service from Public to Citizen, Online Vehicle Registration", 2010 September
  5. Turkish Informatics Association, "Best Citizen Oriented e-Government Project of Year, Online Vehicle Registration", 2010 September
  6. Turkish Grand National Assembly, TÜSİAD 12. e-Turkey Awards Jury Member, 2015, January
  7. Turkish Grand National Assembly, TÜSİAD 13. e-Turkey Awards Jury Member, 2016, April
  8. Business Ankara, "The first 15 people to follow on Twitter in 2015"
Afyonluoglu - Awards


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