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ENISA European Union Agency for Network and Information Security


EU European Union

ENISA Evaluation Reports

2017: Study on the Evaluation of ENISA

2017: Public consultation on the evaluation
and review of ENISA

ENISA Article 13a Reports

2015: Guideline on Threats and Assets

2014: Technical Guideline On Incident Reporting

2014: Technical Guideline on Security Measures

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011


Towards Global Acceptance of eIDAS Audits

IoT Security Standards Gap Analysis

Cooperation between CSIRTs and Law Enforcement

ENISA Threat Landscape Report 2018

Reinforcing Trust and Security in Electronic Comm & Online Services

Recomendations on Shaping Technology According to GDPR provisions – Part 1

Recomendations on Shaping Technology According to GDPR provisions – Part 2

Good Practices on the Implementation of Regulatory Technical Standards

Study on CSIRT landscape and IR capabilities in Europe 2025

TeleTrusT – Guideline “State of the Art” Technical & Organizational Measures

European Cybersecurity Month 2018 – Deployment Report

Privacy Standards in Information Security Context

Security and Privacy Considerations in Autonomous Agents

Maturity Evaluation Methodology for CSIRTs

Cybersecurity Culture Guidelines: Behavioural Aspects of Cybersecurity

CSIRT Maturity Assessment Model

Challenges and Opportunities for EU Cybersecurity Start-Ups

NEW ! 7 Steps to shore up the BGP

Industry 4.0 – Cybersecurity Challenges and Recommendations


Overview of the practices of ICT Certification Laboratories in Europe

ENISA Threat Landscape Report 2017

eIDAS: Overview on the implementation and uptake of Trust Services

Privacy and Data Protection in Mobile Applications

Reference Incident Classification Taxonomy

Handbook on Security of Personal Data Processing

Cyber Security Culture in Organizations

European Cyber Security Month 2017 Deployment Report

PPP Cooperative Models in Cyber Security

ISACs (Information Sharing & Analysis Centers) Cooperative Models

A Tool on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) Knowledge Management & Maturity Assessment

Exploring the opportunities and limitations of current Threat Intelligence Platforms

Signalling Security in Telecom SS7/Diameter/5G

Strengthening Network & Information Security & Protecting Against Online Disinformation (“Fake News”)

Annual report Telecom Security Incidents 2017

 Good Practices for Security of  IoT in the context of Smart Manufacturing

 Good practices on interdependencies between OES and DSPs

Assessment of Standards related to eIDAS

Analysis of the European R&D priorities in cybersecurity

 Cyber Europe 2018 – After Action Report


Stock Taking of Information Security Training Needs in Critical Sectors

Tools and Methodologies to Support Cooperation between CSIRTs and Law Enforcement

Improving Cooperation between CSIRTs and Law Enforcement: Legal and Organisational Aspects

Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines

Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT in the Context of Critical Information Infrastructures

Recommendations on European Data Protection Certification

Annual Incident Analysis Report for the Trust Service Providers

Security Guidelines in the Appropriate Use of Qualified Electronic Seals

Security Guidelines in the Appropriate Use of Qualified Electronic Time Stamps

Security Guidelines in the Appropriate Use of Qualified Website Authentication Certificates

Considerations on ICT Security Certification in EU

Cybersecurity in the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)

ENISA Annual Incident Reports 2016

Security Guidelines in the Appropriate Use of Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery Services

Security Guidelines on the Appropriate Use of Qualified Electronic Signatures

Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Evolution and State of the Art

Hardware Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide

Ad-Hoc & Sensor Networking for M2M Communications

Gaps in NIS Standardisation

NCSS Analysis of Security Measures deployed by e-Communication Providers

Incident Notification for DSPs in the context of the NIS Directive

Security Aspects of Virtualization

Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of Minimum Security Measures for Digital Service Providers


Smart Hospitals

Stocktaking, Analysis and Recommendations on the Protection of CIIs

The Cost of Incidents Affecting CIIs

NCSS Good Practice Guide

PETs Controls Matrix: A systematic approach for assessing online and mobile privacy tools

Privacy and Security in Personal Data Clouds

Securing Smart Airports

Security of Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets

Challenges of Security Certification in Emerging ICT Environments

European Cyber Security Month 2016

Exploring Cloud Incidents

A Good Practice Guide of Using taxonomies in Incident Prevention and Detection

Big Data Threat, Landscape and Good Practice Guide

Review of Cyber Hygiene Practices

Report on Cyber Security Information Sharing in the Energy Sector

Distributed Ledger Technology & Cybersecurity

Cyber Insurance: Recent Advantages, Good Practices and Challenges

NCSS Good Practice Guide

Analysis of Security Measures Deployed by e-Communication Providers

ENISA Threat Landscape Report 2016

Guideline for SMEs on the security of personal data processing

Governnment Framework for European Standardisation

Big Data Security

Qualified Website Authentication Certificates

Article 19 Incident Reporting

NIS Directive and National CSIRTs

Cyber Security and Resilience of Intelligent Public Transport

Definition of Cybersecurity

Proposal for Article 19  Incident Reporting

Leading the Way (ENISA CERT Capacity Building Activity)

After Action Report

Report on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Management


Network and Information Security in the Finance Sector

Privacy and Data Protection By Design – from Policy to Engineering

National/Governmental CERTs

Communication Network Interdependencies in Smart Grids

Certification of Cyber Security skills of ICS/SCADA Professionals

Methodologies for the identification of Critical Information Infrastructure assets and services

Security Framework for Governmental Clouds

CSIRT Capabilities

Good Practice Guide on Vulnerability Disclosure

Security incidents indicators – measuring the impact of incidents affecting electronic communications

Cyber Security for Smart Cities

Cyber Security and Resillience of Intelligent Public Transport

The 2015 Report on National and International Cyber Security Exercises

Information Sharing and Common Taxonomies between CSIRTs and Law Enforcement

Governance Framework For European Standardisation

Cyber Security Information Sharing: An
Overview of Regulatory and Non-regulatory

Readiness Analysis for the Adoption and Evaluation of Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy by Design in Big Data

Online Privacy Tools for the General Public

Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide for Software Defined Networks/5G

Auditing Framework for TSPs

Cloud Security Guide for SMEs

Analysis of ICS-SCADA Cyber Security Maturity Levels in Critical Sectors

Security and Resillience in eHealth


Public Private Partnerships in Network and Information Security Education

Study on Cryptographic Protocols

Report on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Management

An Evaluation Framework for National Cyber Security Strategies

Brokerage model for Network and Information Security in Education

Protection of Underground Electronic Communications Infrastructure

Secure ICT Procurement in Electronic Communications

Algorithms, Key Size and Parameters Report


Good Practice Guide for Securely Deploying Governmental Clouds

Recommendations for a methodology of the assessment of severity of personal data breaches

Recommended Cryptographic Measures

Can we learn from SCADA security incidents?

On the Security, Privacy and Usability of Online Seals

Securing Personal Data in the Context of Data Retention

Good Practice Guide for CERTs in the Area of Industrial Control Systems

eID Authentication Methods in e-Finance and e-Payment Services

Cloud Security Incident Reporting


National Cyber Security Strategies: Practical Guide on Development and Execution


 Botnets: Detection, Measurement, Disinfection & Defence


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